EFF, Ltd is a strong and experienced partner, which builds on history and has gained its prestige on the basis of quality services for customers particularly in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia.

ur identity emerges from a region in which knowledge of wood as material and its processing methods is handed down from fathers to sons over several generations. The raw material which we use to transform your houses into pleasant and hospitable places grows in the clean forests of the White Carpathians.

The history of furniture production on the premises of Lidové tvorby in Uherský Brod started in the nineteen-fifties. The wood-working co-operative at the time established a modern furniture section. In 2000, EFF, with respect for tradition, started production of atypical furniture of European standard at the same location. EFF completely renewed the production base and implemented environmentally-friendly technologies.

Through a symbiosis of traditional and honest craftsmanship in combination with the most modern technologies and creative invention, EFF ensures high competitiveness on the domestic and foreign market.

EFF soon successfully gained orders both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as in Russia. Our clientele comprises significant banks, financial institutions, international companies and government organisations. EFF designers closely co-operate with first-class architects and designers. The furniture section is engaged in small and large-series production of atypical furniture with high demands on quality and processing. The metalworking department has become a major supplier of bank technology for Russian banks.


Our objective is to create naturalness, comfort and beauty.

Ing. Pavel Tichoň, Zdeněk Plšek

FF, Ltd was founded in 2000 and in 2004 it opened its first factory for atypical furniture in Uherský Brod, which lies in the south-eastern part of the Czech Republic. In 2006, EFF, s.r.o. founded the subsidiary company EEM, s. r. o. engaged in the production and assembly of locksmith products from stainless steel for interiors and bank technology. Both companies benefit from their proximity to each other.

The requirements of Russian banking institutions in 2008 compelled EFF to initiate further development of production. The production hall with an area 800 m2 is equipped with modern and high-performance technologies. In 2011, EFF became the majority owner of the production plant Europeum Koncept in the town of Taruza in the Kaluga Region. Europeum Koncept specialises in the production of bank furniture with laminated and artificial resin finish. In 2011, this company was awarded the certificate of furniture supplier to Sberbank, one of the largest banks in Russia. Apart from bank furniture, it further specialises in the production of hotel and restaurant furniture.

Since its establishment, EFF has become one of the largest suppliers of bank furniture in the Russian Federation. To date, it has equipped the interiors of 750 buildings. The second largest buyer of bank furniture are customers from Slovakia.

In the short-term horizon, EFF plans new investments into the preparation of production, which shall in the first phase be used to innovate software technologies for 2D and 3D modelling. It shall continue to seek co-operation with significant architectural studios, architects and leaders in the field of provision of comprehensive services in the area of equipment for commercial interiors in Central and Eastern Europe. The objective remains the same – EFF wants to create naturalness, comfort and beauty.