Comprehensive interior solutions

EFF interior solutions are reliable, functional, original and always custom-made.

The objective of the EFF team is to make a simple, compact and comfortable interior in which you feel natural. We co-operate with excellent architects and designers. According to their design, we create bank and office premises, residences, restaurants and cafés, hotel interiors and exhibition programs. We take advantage of the close relationship between production and design. 3D and 2D modelling precedes the production of atypical furniture, specialised metal working and creation of atypical glass and plastic products. We provide transport and assembly on site on a turnkey basis. We lend dimensions, colours and shapes to your visions and ideas.

Architecture and design

EFF corporate culture places huge emphasis on the quality of the workmanship and high European standard of the processing of interior solutions.

EFF co-operates with award-winning architects and designers. Architecture and design are for us an art form used to create a quality and beautiful environment.
People today spend most of the day inside.
We are always surrounded by the aesthetics of work and dwelling spaces.
The EFF team makes work and rest pleasant for you by using original and originally processed materials. Co-operation with excellent architects and designers has taught us to extract comfort and beauty from naturalness.



EFF designers are a key to the link between the architects and designers and production as well as assembly.

The task of the permanent team of designers is to find optimal design and material solutions for projects. EFF continuously invests in the preparation of production and modelling in 3D and 2D using interconnected drawing programs. We want to have the assurance that our services are top class and that we have really not underestimated anything. The final success of interior solutions is backed mainly by project preparation that is not underestimated.


Furniture production

For more than sixty years now, we have been making small and large-series furniture.

The main asset of EFF are its people. Carpentry skills and knowledge of material combine with the control of the most modern machining technology. Our two working halls are fully equipped for small and large-series production of atypical furniture with high demands on quality and processing. The competitiveness of EFF lies in the professionalism of its team of employees.



The subsidiary company EEM processes stainless steel, brass, aluminium and steel in surface-finishing processes such as polishing, grinding, brushing, patinating, powder-coating (komaxiting), galvanised zinc, coating.

In 2006, EFF, spol. s.r.o. founded a subsidiary company – EEM, s.r.o. – focused on the production and assembly of locksmith products from stainless steel for interiors and bank technology. Both companies exploit the synergy created by the proximity of both production factories.


Upholstery work

Quality interior solutions are characterised by merging function with comfort.

Sensual experiences arouse an excellent feeling from dwelling in the interior. A view of the colour, the smell of the materials, the cool touch and shape of the furniture are components of the comprehensive processing of the interiors at EFF. For this reason, we also focus on professional workmanship of upholstery in leather and Alcantara as well as quality fast-coloured textiles in many patterns and colour shades.


Glass processing

Czech glass is of top world design.

A traditional Czech skill is the shaping and working of glass by grinding, etching, colouring, sanding and combination with other materials. In interiors, we compose original custom-made glass works of art, such as – stained glass and chandeliers, but also glass as a component of furniture or a building processed by sanding, grinding, hardening, bending, bonding, faceting, coating.


Processing of artificial stone

Stone represents permanent value and luxury in interiors and on exteriors.

We offer custom production and processing of products from the artificial stone brands Hi-Macs, Corian, Avonite, Staron and Hanex.


Assembly and service

EFF trains its own experts in the assembly of interiors and upholds quick warranty and post-warranty service.

Demanding EFF clients deserve above-standard care. The stable realisation team with extensive experience from European, domestic and Russian destinations will safely ship and professionally assemble any job order. Apart from classic warranty conditions, EFF also provides post-warranty service at unmatched prices.